Monday, September 3, 2012

Secrets and Stories

I'm pleased to introduce another set commissioned by Angela Petsis of Secrets and Stories Jewelry.  This set was done in my favorite romantic style, using layers of vintage and antique ephemera over- layed ratop one another with areas burnished out and others burned in.   I went searching through the Louvre and The National Portrait Gallery of London, trying to find that perfect Rococo style image that would fit Angela's theme, and when I stumbled upon this in the British collection....I was absolutely thrilled!  The young woman just looks like she has a story and a secret to tell both.....and the look on her face, like she has just been caught doing something, is priceless.   I find myself wondering what is written on that note she is pulling out of the Flowers! 
I invite you to stop by Angela's shop over at Etsy: and take a look at her stunning handmade "re-purposed" jewelery fit for Queen Marie Antoinette, but made for today's woman.  She has taken elements of all things vintage and has very lovingly and expertly "married" them into new and eye catching designs, perfect for the modern woman who wants just a hint of antique or mystique in her accessories. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sara &Carl

It's so romantic, I just wish I could hop on a plane and fly there for the wedding!  I was approached by Sara who lives in Ireland to help her with the visuals and the  "branding" of her wedding, which, is to be held in about a month's time in Florence Italy.  The wedding is to take place at a romantic castle in Fiesole a smaller village located just outside Florence.  Sara shared the website to her wedding here; One Fab Day  The amazing location of this wedding is in the Castello Di Cincigliata.  Check it out and drool ;0)

Mary Not Martha

When Susie over at Mary Not Martha contacted me to create a new branding theme for her new Etsy shop Reticulous, I could not have been more thrilled, having been a fan of her lace, trims and Millinery shop for years!  I was even more thrilled when I learned that Susie was an antique fashion entusiast as you can view on her facebook page:  Those of you who know me well know that I'm an avid collector of fine antique laces and buttons, but I also appreciate finely made modern pieces as well; Susie carries a bevy of fantastic things for the discerning seamstress or crafter.  Whether or not you are hand crafting your own wedding gown, designing wedding gowns or making wedding styled millinery and longerie, this shop has it all for you. 

Susie's new shop, Reticulous is soon to be up and running and it features her handmade retucules, using her laces and trims, as well as vintage finds.  For those of you have no idea what a reticule Jane Eyre or any other novel by Emily Bronte and you will no doubt see this word used in the first two pages ;0)

Friday, August 24, 2012

The new half-size business card and the gift Certificate....

AS a designer working with many retail clients as well as artisan clients, I have taken note of a new trend that seems to me to be a really great idea!  The trend is for the half-size business card....which really when you measure it is NOT half size but a little bit taller, (it is the standard width of 3.5 x 1.5)  The is online Printing company called "Moo" is the only one so far I have worked with, but I assume you can go to ANY printer out there and give them the half-size card file and they will print it.  

My clients express to me that it is a great and less expensive way to get thier branding out and many express that this has helped thier business quite a bit.    As to the gift certificate....this is self explanatory as to what it does for your branding,but I have been commisioned to design LOTS of them lately. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blog set for Paper Craft designer Marivic Clifton

I was approached by crafter/designer Marivic Clifton to assist her with her new blog.  This was such an awesome fun project....any time I can work in my favorite Cottage Chic style with big old world roses, faded, yellowed ephemera and shabby chic colors, I'm in my favorite place to be!  Marivic requested that the visuals follow her theme which was an "Ode to her Favorite Things"  So I added a whisper of lace in the banner, some antique buttons, ( which are not visible in this version shown here), and gumdrops.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Coming SOON! The wedding invitation webstore

It has been along time in the developing stage and the store is presently being filled with inventory. Our projected open date in now sometime in September. Now our clients can go to our secure host site and browse for premade wedding invitations, shower invitations and baby announcements, or they can contact us to have a one of a kind set made just for them for very little extra!  We work closely with our brides to achieve that perfect look for their perfect day, designing and manufacturing wedding invitations from start to finish.  All our brides have to do is sit back and relax!   We make our listed designs all year round but Custom work is on a first come first serve basis during the busy wedding season, ( from January to April-the time when summer wedding invites are typically done and sent out),

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A perfect union!

 I love to do product label work and I love to create artistic mood scapes, especially those that involve, dark, gothic or moonlit scenes.  So when Lyn of  The Arte of Light approached me to create some designs for her line of candles and specified that she wanted a moonlit, ethereal image, I was super happy, and inspired.   The key to this design is the interplay of the monchromatic blues with lights and darks.

Aimee Finds True Love........

........even though he is all ready dead!   I was absolutely delighted when upcoming author Tina Nichols contacted me to do a digital cover version of her book "Aimee's Ghost".  This project brought back fond memories of the time when I did paintings to do book covers the OLD fashioned way by hand.  I have to say, I love the digital age!  It is so much quicker and the time put in is less grueling to do these types of covers for books.  Painting them in acrylic or oils takes months and when the art director makes changes, it is equally time consuming.  This is the way to go!  I really, really enjoyed working with Tina and when I read the synopsis of this book, I was left with a burning desire to finish reading it.   Of course, I know how it ends....but the surprise at the end won't be spoiled at all for me as Tina's style is absolutely entrancing.  If you want to read a copy of Aimee's Ghost, contact me and I will put you in touch with the author.  She has not given me a publish date yet so it is best for those interested to just contact her.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


This website is for that little princess in your life that just loves to play dress up and pretend that she is going to tea with Belle.  The client wanted a secret garden feel to the overall project and so that is the main look and theme to all of the graphics.  Little princesses, ( and their moms), can enter the secret garden through the web site's landing page that we designed in our signature, vintage style by clicking on the antique key and tag. From the aged tag and key to the antique wall paper guests will feel like they are about to enter a hidden garden or go on an enchanted quest.  Once in the site, they can shop a whole selection of princess themed goodies, including frilly tulle skirts, tiaras and magic wands.  Once the three items have been selected, the parcel will be wrapped up in beautiful, enchanted packaging and sent to your home to greet your little princess.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Whimsical Etsy set with an Alice in Wonderland Theme

This Latest Etsy set that I have just completed for client O'Brian Lee is not my usual style but it was one of the funest assignments I've taken on in a while.....just because it was so different.   O'Brian requested that the theme have a "Mad Hatter" concept to it as she is a hat maker who uses repurposed materials.  You can check out her shop right here:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

High end "Luxe" wedding design is right with in everyone's reach!

You DON"Thave to be a millionaire to get the high end "coututre" wedding stationary that you may have seen advertised in those pricey wedding mags, but thought were totally out of your reach.  At Fischer Studio Works, we offer  ALL brides the opportunity to have Luxe, One of a kind wedding announcements designed especially for thier special day!  
At Fischer Studio Works, we aim to bring you affordable, custom graphic design and printing for all of your showers, weddings, birthdays and special events. We design our invitations with two things in mind, the first one being the bride's choices and needs and the second one being the absolute WOW effect when opened. We use a variety of papers with textures, shimmers & transparencies, and applied items that add layered effects of elegance. We work with brides personally, hostesses and wedding planners to create upscale invitations, menu cards, thank you notes announcements and so much more at a price that beats the big printing houses. Let us work with you to bring your ideas to life!