Monday, September 3, 2012

Secrets and Stories

I'm pleased to introduce another set commissioned by Angela Petsis of Secrets and Stories Jewelry.  This set was done in my favorite romantic style, using layers of vintage and antique ephemera over- layed ratop one another with areas burnished out and others burned in.   I went searching through the Louvre and The National Portrait Gallery of London, trying to find that perfect Rococo style image that would fit Angela's theme, and when I stumbled upon this in the British collection....I was absolutely thrilled!  The young woman just looks like she has a story and a secret to tell both.....and the look on her face, like she has just been caught doing something, is priceless.   I find myself wondering what is written on that note she is pulling out of the Flowers! 
I invite you to stop by Angela's shop over at Etsy: and take a look at her stunning handmade "re-purposed" jewelery fit for Queen Marie Antoinette, but made for today's woman.  She has taken elements of all things vintage and has very lovingly and expertly "married" them into new and eye catching designs, perfect for the modern woman who wants just a hint of antique or mystique in her accessories. 

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