Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mary Not Martha

When Susie over at Mary Not Martha contacted me to create a new branding theme for her new Etsy shop Reticulous, I could not have been more thrilled, having been a fan of her lace, trims and Millinery shop for years!  I was even more thrilled when I learned that Susie was an antique fashion entusiast as you can view on her facebook page:  Those of you who know me well know that I'm an avid collector of fine antique laces and buttons, but I also appreciate finely made modern pieces as well; Susie carries a bevy of fantastic things for the discerning seamstress or crafter.  Whether or not you are hand crafting your own wedding gown, designing wedding gowns or making wedding styled millinery and longerie, this shop has it all for you. 

Susie's new shop, Reticulous is soon to be up and running and it features her handmade retucules, using her laces and trims, as well as vintage finds.  For those of you have no idea what a reticule Jane Eyre or any other novel by Emily Bronte and you will no doubt see this word used in the first two pages ;0)

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